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A Guide to Dental Implants

Missing or damaged teeth can significantly impact a person’s self-confidence. Unlike removable dentures, a dental implant requires a dental operation to replace the missing or damaged tooth. 

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a natural option for missing or damaged teeth. They are also the go solution for most people. They act and appear the most like your regular teeth. When implanted correctly, they appear to be your original teeth to the untrained eye.  

The titanium crafted root ensures the implant is secure and discreet by inserting a solid foundation into the jawline. The replacement tooth is custom-made to match your natural teeth for complete discretion. 

Timeline of the Process

When it comes to dental implants, there is no quick fix. You are in for a long commitment. Dental Implant procedures take place in stages over a few months.  Let’s go through what you should expect when getting an implant.

  1. In your first initial check-up, the dentist will conduct scans of your teeth will be done to get a clear vision of what will happen in the placement
  2. A dental implant requires a minor operation to fit the dental implant into the jawbone
  3. After a few months, the implant with becoming secure for the new tooth as the bone grows around the implant
  4. Once secured, we create a foundation for the teeth
  5. In creating a perfect tooth, a mould of the mouth will be made to design the artificial teeth
  6. Finally, the artificial tooth can be held in place, with a screw or cement for stability. 


It’s essential to know the risks and expectations after the procedure. It is normal to experience bruising, pain and swelling and even bleeding of gums after different procedure stages as the shifts in the mouth adaption to the dental implants. Soft foods are suggested if feeling tender and sore to ensure there is no risk to further damage.

There will always be some potential risks to any surgical procedure, but they are unlikely to occur for this standard procedure. These are potential risks include:


Since every mouth and procedure is unique. Your dentist will discuss the pricing with you before conducting the procedures. Since there is a variety of work performed, dental implants are expensive and cost thousands of dollars. Some private health insurances will help cover the costs, but that is between you and the insurance provider. 

If you need dental services, visit Brite Family Dental at Stafford, Brisbane. We offer a relaxing, family-friendly environment with the highest standards of care. Please book an appointment or call us on (07) 3359 1029.

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