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Family Dentist Advice:
Baby Teething & What to expect

What to expect when your baby is teething...

We chose the name Brite Family Dental because we want you and your whole family to feel welcomed into our clinic. We will look after you and your family from a young age. We understand the differences in baby teeth and the challenges you may face.

Baby teeth begin to form while the babies are in the womb, but most babies experience their teeth visibly appearing between 6 to 10 months. Commonly baby teeth arrive entirely by the child reaching the age of three, with the central bottom teeth appearing first in most cases. When the baby tooth breaches the surface gum area, the gum pierces open to reveal a tooth. Teething can cause discomfort for your baby.

Signs your Baby is Teething

  • Crying constantly 
  • Cranky moods
  • Sucking on objects
  • Not feeding well
  • Touching or pulling on their face, e.g. ear

Whilst these are all signs your baby could be experiencing teething, they are common emotions and actions of a baby's development. If your child is showing symptoms of being unwell, we recommend taking your baby to a GP to ensure it also not signs of a minor infection or illness. 

What Now After Your Baby Teeth Appears?

We understand that getting your baby comfortable in brushing their teeth can be a challenge in some cases.

However, beginning while your child is young is the key to teaching your child healthy habits, on their pathway to maintaining good oral care throughout their lifetime.

When your baby's teeth are beginning to appear around the three-month mark, we recommend gently rubbing their gums with a damp face washer twice a day to both clean the surface and get them used to the feeling of someone brushing their teeth. 

Progressing to using a damp infant toothbrush is the next stage when the teeth begin to appear. We recommend using this if the child is under two years old. If your child is having troubles with the toothbrush, alternate between the toothbrush and damp face washer. After this, when the child reaches approximately 18 months, begin to incorporate toothpaste on the child's brush or unless one of our friendly dentists says otherwise. For more information or to book an appointment for your child, please contact us at Brite Family Dental.

Teething Remedies

Every child is different, and not every method will distract your child from the discomfort of teething. We recommend trying these:

  • Rub gently on your baby's gum with a wash/ cleaned finger
  • Giving your child mushier food to comfort when chewing
  • Give your child something cold to bite and suck on. Keep in mind to not freeze the item. Examples could be a teething ring or dummy.

If you need family dental services and advice on baby teething, visit Brite Family Dental at Stafford, Brisbane. We offer a relaxing, family-friendly environment with the highest standards of care. Please book an appointment or call us on (07) 3359 1029.

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