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Why Choose Brite Family Dental as Your Local Family Dentist?

Brite Family Dental is your local family dentist, providing comprehensive dental care for all ages. Our team of experienced and caring dentists have the expertise to meet the needs of your entire family. We provide a range of services from preventative care to restorative and cosmetic treatments. With our convenient location, we make it easy to access quality dental care close to home. So if you need a new family dentist or just need a check-up, Brite Family Dental is here to help.

Why choose Brite Family Dental
as your local family dentist:

As your Family Dentist we will provide

Comprehensive Care for All Ages

Brite Family Dental, our family dentist, Norris Feng is trained to provide excellent dental care for patients of all ages, from children to seniors. This means that you can receive comprehensive dental care for your whole family in one convenient location.

At Brite Family Dental we cater for

Preventive Care

Our Family dentist focus on preventive care, such as regular cleaning and check-ups, to help you maintain good oral health and prevent dental problems. This can save you time and money in the long run by helping you avoid more extensive and expensive dental treatments.

We Highly Recommend Regular Visits for

Continuity of Care

Seeing the same family dentist on a regular basis allows us to get to know your oral health history and provide personalised care tailored to your specific needs.

Booking is easy with our Online Systems &

Convenient Scheduling

Brite Family Dental offers flexible scheduling options to accommodate busy families. This can make it easier to schedule appointments for multiple family members on the same day or at different times that are convenient for you.

As Your Family Dentist we offer a wide range of

Specialised Services

At Brite Family Dental our clinic offers a wide range of specialised services, such as paediatric dentistry, or cosmetic dentistry. This means that you can receive all forms of dental treatments in one location without having to see multiple providers.

Choosing Norris Feng at Brite Family Dental, as your family dentist can provide you and your family with comprehensive and convenient dental care that can help you maintain good oral health for a lifetime.

Looking for Family Dentist near Brisbane?

We are located in Stafford, just minutes from Brisbane CBD. Use our easy online booking system below.  Talk to our friendly team for more information about your upcoming appointment. By calling us on (07) 3359 1029.


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